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Our History

Manor House School has been a leader in education since the 1940's. We provide National and International certificates (British and American).

The school is recognized for its excellence in education while instilling the cultural values of Egypt.


1947: Manor House school opened its first school building in Zamalek, Cairo under the ownership of Mr. and Mrs. Bullen. After this, during President Gamal Abd El Nasser's time in power, the school was nationalized and the name was changed to Port Said School.

1960: Mrs. and Miss Bullen the original owners of Manor House School left Egypt and moved to Cyprus, opening a school there and later in Lebanon as well.

1976: Upon the request of the Egyptian government, Mrs. Bullen returned to Egypt and re-opened in Heliopolis, Cairo.

1978: Our Mohandseen branch opened it's doors.

1991: The I.G.C.S.E. section opened in Heliopolis.

1992: Manor House School decided to expand its horizons and branch into the International arena. In September 1992, Manor House School began offering the I.G.C.S.E. based on the British system of education. This school was opened as a separate entity from the National system with its own building in the Mohandseen area.

2000: At the same time, the Mohandseen National School Branch was growing in numbers, the present owner Mr. Namir Yonan decided to open another section of the school in the 6th October area of Cairo in the year 2000. This is the largest of the Manor House Schools, and is situated in a very large area, which is fully equipped with all facilities. This school includes KG to Grade 12.

2001: With the turn of the Millennium, Manor House School embarked on initiating an American program for the High School Certificate. This began in September 2001 with a small group of students in the main I.G.C.S.E. building. At this point, the school consisted of one grade 10 class containing 10 students and one grade 11 consisting of 5 students. The staff was limited to a select group of qualified teachers.

2003: The American Division remained in the main I.G.C.S.E. building for two years sharing all facilities with them. In September 2003 the American Division gained its independence and moved to its own separate building down the street, becoming a separate entity on its own.

     The American Diploma Section remains conveniently located in the center of the urban area of Mohandseen.

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